Presidents Day -There’s Never Been A More Important Time to Know Your Presidents


Celebrate Presidents Day and JB’s Birthday



PRESIDENTS SAVINGS  (and JB’s, too!)  

Many think I’m as old as Lincoln and Washington,  too. But that’s not true. I’m 39, as always.  But I WAS born on Valentines Day a few years back, before they had President’s Day mind you.  

-Jack Benny


America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. ‘

Abraham Lincoln


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Why PRESIDENTS DAY Is The Strangest Holiday

Most federal holidays are clear-cut. On the Fourth of July, for example, Americans celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.
On the other hand, Presidents’ Day is a slightly strange holiday for three main reasons:
 There is no universal agreement on the actual name of the holiday.
    There is no universal agreement on which presidents are being honored.
           There is no agreement on something as simple as whether is an apostrophe in “presidents.
Ask  a handful of people who the holiday is meant to recognize, and you aren’t likely to get the same answers. In fact, what is generally called Presidents’ Day is still recognizedby the U.S. government as Washington’s Birthday. lists it like this: George Washington’s Birthday (Presidents’ Day) – February 17 and it describes the holiday
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JACK BENNY at 39, again!

Howdy, folks, I’m back. Did you know the original Coupon King  – that’s me- is celebrating his 39th birthday this weekend , along with the Presidents? No, I’m not as old as them though my friends tease me about that.   Now we go from the sublime (celebrating the Beatles  ) to the rediculous (ME, Jack Benny – JB to you , my savings / coupon fans.  I was just reminded that it’s my birthday weekend, so why not  bite the bullet and go for a big celebration with the Presidents. ( I don’t get hung up on birthdays, normally, you know.) Only problem is, friends are trying to tell me   I’m 120 years old! Can you believe it? I know I don’t look a day over 39, though Rochestor tries to tell me the picture was taken 80 years ago. What a kidder. … Anyway, I’m  still going strong, working out of Heavenly Hills  now where I help oversee this coupon business and trade lies with Bob, Bing and the guys… . I don’t know much about this spider web  and In Your Face thing… I still like saving money and my buddy down there takes care of the technical stuff, eg (… . I think I might even celebrate my own birthday today next door @  You might want to check it out for my shopping techniques in the videos so you can get rich like I did. Of course Mary says it’s because I was cheap. Oh my..  … They tell me to ask you to LIKE us, whatever that means… I’m still trying to get my  my hi-fi to work.   Later Alligator! -JB





Howdy (we used to say that)   Super Savers,

Missed   ya,  Celebrated another birthday, Feb. 14.. Would you believe I’m only 39? Don’t believe what you read in the papers   …

Just back form  Heavenly Hills to take advantage of some of these  great deals you see here… Hey there’s  some new (old )  Borscht Belt humour  that  should be coming to soon! All my best til next time… And as I like to say, ‘Have a $AVE DAY! – jb






Time To Turn in the Keys Mom?


JB and Rochester trying to start up the old Maxwell on JB’s Burtday 2-14


JB’s old girlfreind – Remember Bridgette Bardot? – on   Vday!

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