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UNEMPLOYMENT has been stagnent since Obama took office, 8.13% in Jan 2009 vs same 8.1% today and when you add in the 196,000 who have given up on job hunting this month the rate

risest to 8.4% Though median income has climbed by $1,426 since last August and the 8.3 percentJuly unemployment rate is down from a peak of 10 percent in October 2009, plenty of Americans have slipped into poverty. The Agriculture Department released a report yesterday showing
a record 46.7 million people were receiving food stamps in 2012.
Longest Stretch -Yet even though the economy began a slow recovery in June 2009 and has been growing since,
the unemployment rate has remained persistently high, above 8 percent since February 2009,the longest stretch since monthly records began in 1948.

4x as many people are dropping out of the workforce than those adding to the workforce( and many of them taking up food stampsand other governent generosities

INCOME Median income was $50,964 in June — $4,019 lower than when Obama took office
when adjusted for inflation, according to Sentier Research’s most recent data.

FOOD STAMPS distribution has risen from 0 to 46.7 million people receiving food stamps
since Obama took office. This may account for at least part of the reason more and morepeople are not even attempting to find jobs when they can draw from the newly increasedfood stamp handouts and other assistance (Obama is attempting to increase the welfaregiveaway that Clinton had reduced to encourage people to seek jobs

– GAS PRICES has more than doubled since Obama took office, avg was $1.89 when Obama took officeand over $4.00 today

– U.S. Debt Now $136,260 Per Household—Up 50% Under Obama. US News and World Report

9-11 While the country mourns, Obama is aiding
Egypt and its new Muslim Brotherhood leadership *which bis own admission is not a ‘friend,’ ),millions of our taxpayer dollars– now that he has helped remove the last Mid East leader who was on good terms with Israel(Mubarek)

– and Obama NOT wanting to meet Prime Minister Netenyahu at the UN summit   ( The admin says he will be ‘away’ at the time.)First time a sitting US President has ever done this.)

then we see a surprising number of people saying that America is better off than it was when Obama took office. How could this be? Take a look at the the new 45 million
folks on food stamps and the growing number of welfare recipients (Obama has electedto expand that program,too. So, yes, naturally those millions affected would favor Obama and his newly generous handouts, not to say the food stamps aren’t warranted – I could use them- but to discourage people from
looking more at self-sufficency is wrong in our opinion.
Meanwhile, the voter rolls swell for Obama – Who wouldn’t feel better off
with all the new food stamps and assistance given them they didn’t have
four years ago; now they are less likely to seek work as we see in the quicly
growing numbers of those who have joined the
‘ no longer looking for work’ category?
Add that to removing ‘Jeruslem’ and only after awkwardly putting it back along with Godin the party platform at the Democrat convention after three rigged votes.

Meahwhile Iran builds its nuclear threat to Israel as the President stands byinstead of confronting it’s leader.

Too many things to ignore here and time tor really be concerned and speak out,in our opinion! .. .And now we learn that the Obama admin is back in the money printing business, to the tune of 40 million a month , with no deadline for mortgage bailouts. Again , this will make people happy for short term and get Obama thousands more election votes , but will it really help the country? I think that was answered a couple years ago…

I think a lot of people are still looking
at Obama as the nice young man who promised change and not the wolf in
sheep’s clothing he really is appearing to be…

– 40% of those unemployed ahve been out of work 27 weeks or more

Fewer are out of work since 2000 even though the populations has grown…

 8 milliono have given up looking to work
15 million are unempoyed
= 19% really out of work

– Obama is a part time president, campaigning solely on negativity because
he has little positive to campaign on.

‘Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive’, is Joe Biden’s favorite campaign quote
in trying to defend the Obama administration. As if those are the only things that
have gone right, Osama’s death just happened to come under Obama’s watch; Bush had set
the intelligence going and , with growing rewards and such, Obama finally reaped the benefit
yet never gave Bush any of the credit. . As for General
Motors, they have bounced back for now thanks to the major loan they have yet to pay back.
Who’s to say that if push camne to shove sans loan they wouldn’t have come through, anyway,
just as Chrysler did without taking any loans. No major US auto manufacturer has ever gone
out of business and GM would have eventually survived with the slightly rising economy
along with the other car manufactures.



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