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Your Questions About Great Deals Magazine

Mark asks…

i got a great deal on 2 adult magazine subscriptions where can i get others?

hi on ebay this one guy sold me a hustler subscription for like half off and it included a subscrption of penthouse for free. now i know this doesnt always happen but where can i find the best deals to other subcriptions or say like $5 or $10 off coupons. ive looked at other magazine sites on the web and some are more expensive for the same product but none ever go below say $39.99. any help would be appreciated

admin answers:

Best Deal Magazines is just what it says: The very best deals in magazines- and with probably the widest selection out there.

I got my penthouse magazine subscription from this website magazineland.com and paying fraction of cost from news stand. They have loads of magazines in Adult category at cheap prices. But it takes 6-10 weeks before first subscription for magazines start. Either pay the full price to get subscription or pay discounted price and wait 6-10 weeks. But customer service was gr8. Check the link below

Betty asks…

Where can you find the best deals for magazine subscriptions?


Also, is there any way to get great rates for international fashion magazines? They are so darn expensive!

Linda asks…

Where can I get a great deal on a subscription to people magazine?

Hi everyone! I’m looking to purchase a year subscription to people magazine for my mother. The best deal I found so far was 52 issues for $2.19/each. Any frugal people out there who have any tips on finding a better deal? Thanks.

admin answers: